Sub-project III: Urban Geographic, Sociodemographic and Migration Sociological Dimensions of Decentralized Living and Housing

In sub-project III we are interested in the urban geographic, sociodemographic and migration sociological dimensions of the decentralised housing of refugees. We have established three key objectives in our work. Firstly, we investigate what integration and support measures municipalities offer to accompany refugees when they arrive and settle in. Secondly, we conduct semi-standardised interviews with key actors in the municipal support and administrative structures in the field of migration and flight. Here we examine the importance of municipal structures in the implementation of decentralised forms of housing and the significance of the topics of “escape”, “asylum” and “social participation“ on the local political agenda. Thirdly, we focus on housing and living situations of refugees. Based on the question “How do we want to live together in the future?” refugees and non-refugees develop utopias as well as concrete recommendations for living together in the urban society within the framework of a regular, open and experimental workshop. Taking up on the results, the dissertation plans, which were developed in the sub-project, examine various dimensions of home for refugees, based on biographical and narrative in-depth interviews.