Cross-sectional Project

Civic Engagement and Trisectoral Governance

Dr. Georg Mildenberger
is Head of Research at Heidelberg University's Centre for Social Investment (CSI). Dr. Mildenberger's research interests lie in the fields of civic society and civic engagement. He is particularly interested in their contribution to social innovations. Mildenberger is also interested in methodologies which enable the effectiveness of non-profit organisations to be measured, and in the interdependence between various operational logics and sectoral actors.

Dr. Adalbert Evers (Prof. i. R.)
lectured in comparative health and social politics at the University of Gießen until 2013. His research work, numerous publications and activities in the field of political consultancy are related to the role of social services, the third sector and therefore, to questions of local governance. Professor Evers is currently working as a senior fellow at the Centre for Social Investment (CSI) at Heidelberg University.

Verena Schmid, M.A.
studied social economics and sociology at the University of Augsburg and at Heidelberg University, specialising in organisation and personnel development. Schmid has been a researcher at the Centre for Social Investment (CSI) at Heidelberg University since April 2016. Her research interests include qualitative social research and issues related to civic society and civic engagement.

Dr. Steffen Sigmund
is Academic Director at the Max Weber Institute for Sociology and the Director of Studies for the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at Heidelberg University.
Sigmund led the project "Civic Engagement in Heidelberg – An Analysis of Potentials" (Bürgerschaftliches Engagement in Heidelberg. Eine Potentialanalyse). The analysis of current engagement in Heidelberg, carried out within the project, enabled existing strengths and weaknesses in the field of civic engagement to be established and potentials and opportunities for future improvement to be identified.

Research Assistants

  • Patrik Dahl
  • Jonas Gottschalk
  • Stanislava Schwalme