Real-World Laboratory: Asylum Seekers

In Real-World Lab projects prevalent social issues and their possible solutions are investigated and scientifically evaluated. This enables the region's knowledge-base to be widened, the effectiveness of measures to be investigated and best-practice recommendations to be developed.

The project was initiated in January 2016 and is planned to run until at least March 2019.

The Real-World Lab project in the Rhine-Neckar region is focused on identifying the factors necessary for the quickest possible social integration of asylum seekers in the towns of Heidelberg, Sinsheim and Wiesloch. In particular, the following factors,

  • language acquisition
  • professional training
  • integration in the job market
  • decentralised living
  • civic engagement of members of the host community

are considered to play a significant role in successful integration.

The project is being carried out in collaboration between the Heidelberg University of Education (PH) and the ZEW – Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research. Researchers from Heidelberg University are also significantly involved. In addition, numerous representatives with practical experience in the field of integration actively contribute to the project.